Let's Protect ✰ Preserve ✰ Educate & Empower Our World!

San Jose del Guaviare, Colombia

The Educati🤓nal Concept facilitates the lifelong learning of our members as a fundamental integration to our w🌎rld, our people and our actions.

✰ The Economic Emp👊werment Program empowers those with entrepreneurial and innovative ideas to a full development through a mediated and self-guided online business indoctrination, information about financial resources, and the gl🌍bal possibilities in a digital w🌏rld.

✰ The Pers✍️nal & Professi✍️nal Development Program encourages and directs individual and autonomous growth and development through a series of online tools all geared towards discovering greater knowledge about self, others, the world and its entities that facilitate online learning, gl🌎bal economies, industries, and the constant need for better technologies attuned with life demands.

✰ The Social Med🤳a Techniques, Tactics & Practices (TTPs📲) Platforms Program enables, collaborates and produces the results of well-developed ideas, products, services, organizations and or professionals who know and understand technology and the Information Age of the current w🌏rld. And thus, keeping up and integrating with a gl🌍bal society that is constantly evolving for the greater good of humanity.

✰ You may reach us at Consults@Guaviaresoy.Org ~ connect with me on LinkedIn!

San Jose del Guaviare, Colombia

Our Sp⚽️rtsmanship Concept is the tip-of-the-spear in our efforts to a sustainable Quality-of-Life! Through it, we infuse our young and old generations with the motivation to see and palpate the Swee🍭ness of Life 😊

✰ Our Foundation grows and develops well-rounded sp🥇rtsmen and sp🥇rtswomen of character. Hence, our 🎗Leadership, 🎗Ethics, and 🎗Values Program produces gl🌎bal citizens of excellence who know and understand that societal challenges can be solved through Stewardship and the synchronicity of the individual and collective efforts of people.

✰ Moreover, our Sk📍lls and Techn📍ques Sp⚽️rting Program seeks the everlasting task of perfection through self-discipline and self-effort as the root to master oneself in life; and thus, cementing the art and science of achievement and success for oneself.

✰ Lastly, our Sp⚽️rts and Recreati🏟nal Events Program highlights and commemorates the results of unified training, dedication and passion for the sport, and the opportunity for greater success, and public recognition. In the execution of this program, we harvest and promote social, economic, and cultural development.

✰ You may reach us at Consults@Guaviaresoy.Org ~ connect with me on LinkedIn!

✰ We offer “Boots-On-The-Ground” consulting services to small businesses, companies and organizations wanting to start, expand, grow and develop in Colombia🇨🇴 or the US🇺🇸 .

✰ Our “Boots-On-The-Ground” consulting services has a team of working experts in specialized fields of business administration, marketing, project management, strategy, public relations, human resources and nonprofit organizations willing to listen, build trust and empower your organization.

✰ You may reach us at Consults@Guaviaresoy.Org ~ connect with me on LinkedIn!

Blast from the Past

A small, but growing repository of our collective achievements from the past. In it, rests the spirit of Guaviare Soy…

An overarching collective goal of self-development for our passion in life… with the motivation for a beautiful life that solve problems from a distinctive dimension of true leadership and stewardship…

Doing the right thing ~ in the right way ~ and for the right reasons!

Love ~ Passion ~ Motivation in all that we do!

We CAN pr⚽️mote and implement vocational training projects, formal & informal sp⚽️rts education and training focused in the growth and development of children, youth and young adults.

We CAN design, implement, introduce, develop, sponsor, lead, advise, participate in pr⚾️jects that protect and preserve the environment, educate the social and economic realm, empower culture and 🎨rtistic heritage, participate in environmental projects, health, education, social coexistence, morale, welfare and recreati⚾️n of children, youth, and young adults.

We CAN make, develop, promote, sponsor various ethnic and social groups that have similar objectives, support sp🏐rts tournaments, champi🏵nships that benefit the communities, educate and empower ⛹️‍♀️ athletes ⛹️ and their families, represent at the local, regional, national and international levels with the private and public enterprise, corporate t🏐urnaments, events, competitions, and fest🎪vals.

We CAN encourage and foment the continuous training of members, and the general public through direct or indirect participation, partnerships, and or ag📝reements with authorized and specialized parties in all industries of the Colombian 🇨🇴 territory, and the w🌎rld.

We CAN participate, sponsor, develop, and mediate in the creation or f⚽️undation of national or f🌎reign commercial networks, and seek agreements with companies that facilitate the planning, organizing, managing and execution of pr⚽️ductive projects nationally and or internationally.

✰ You may reach us at Consults@GuaviareSoy.Org ~ connect with me on LinkedIn!

The Guaviare Soy Foundation is a registered nonprofit organization in Colombia. Our Tax ID (NIT) Number is 900922299-6. It can be verified by the Registro Unico Empresarial y Social Cámaras de Comercio, Confecámaras, Red de Cámaras de Comercio, Colombia.