We CAN pr⚽️mote and implement vocational training projects, formal & informal sp⚽️rts education and training focused in the growth and development of children, youth and young adults.

We CAN devel🏀p activities and programs in concert with the State, the private Enterprise, and international 🏀rganizations aimed at improving the Quality of life of children, youth, young adults, women, the elderly, people in a dis♿️bility status, science 🔬 technology efforts, ethnic communities, and in general the communities victim of forced displacement and or the armed conflict.

We CAN design, implement, introduce, develop, sponsor, lead, advise, participate in pr⚾️jects that protect and preserve the environment, educate the social and economic realm, empower culture and 🎨rtistic heritage, participate in environmental projects, health, education, social coexistence, morale, welfare and recreati⚾️n of children, youth, and young adults.

We CAN manage, administer, receive, give aid, and or accept d🎾nations, make agreements with private entities, corporations, public or private, national or international in order to finance and support various projects of s🎾cial focus that protect, preserve, educate, and empower children, youth, young adults, and women.

We CAN make, develop, promote, sponsor various ethnic and social groups that have similar objectives, support sp🏐rts tournaments, champi🏵nships that benefit the communities, educate and empower ⛹️‍♀️ athletes ⛹️ and their families, represent at the local, regional, national and international levels with the private and public enterprise, corporate t🏐urnaments, events, competitions, and fest🎪vals.

We CAN 📢romote, encourage, support, advise, sp⚽️nsor, market, and provide personal, professional, and business counseling and assistance to marginalized communities who are victims of any dimension, who are in a state of vulnerability, threat, suffering, pain, abandonment, anywhere in the w🌏rld, in order to create a well-balanced social fabric that is protected, preserved, educated, and empowered to become strong participants in our gl🌍bal society.

We CAN encourage and foment the continuous training of members, and the general public through direct or indirect participation, partnerships, and or ag📝reements with authorized and specialized parties in all industries of the Colombian 🇨🇴 territory, and the w🌎rld.

We CAN develop and distribute or market magazines, public📚tions and newsletters in alignment with our missi🏐n and visi🏐n.

We CAN participate, sponsor, develop, and mediate in the creation or f⚽️undation of national or f🌎reign commercial networks, and seek agreements with companies that facilitate the planning, organizing, managing and execution of pr⚽️ductive projects nationally and or internationally.

We CAN arrange and entrepreneur and or network with the official agencies of Colombia 🇨🇴 and or foreign resources for the implementation of programs inherent in s🏀cial gr🏀wth and development, create other institutions and jobs, open other offices, and or agencies, strategic alliances, temporary unions, consortiums that support the social gr🏐wth and devel🏐pment of communities and its young adults.

✰ You may reach us at Consults@GuaviareSoy.Org ~ connect with me on LinkedIn!

The Guaviare Soy Foundation is a registered nonprofit organization in Colombia. Our Tax ID (NIT) Number is 900922299-6. It can be verified by the Registro Unico Empresarial y Social Cámaras de Comercio, Confecámaras, Red de Cámaras de Comercio, Colombia.